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Our main business is the integrated services for the companies involved in export operations on the territory of Russian Federation. We provide complete packages of certificates and other official documents assuring conformity with Russian standards and necessary for custom clearance and trading in Russian market.

If you have the Russian certificates you gain the advantage over your business rivals when supplying goods to Russia. If you provide your clients in Russia with the copies of certificates you make easier the procedure of the Customs crossing. You could also use the certificates at             exhibitions and on your website in evidence of the product quality for  Russian Customer.

Provided we receive from you all essential information, by the time your goods cross the border, you will get the following documents:

         product  and  service  standardization and certification documents  (GOST  R
Certificates of Conformity)

         sanitary and hygienic certificates (Sanepidemnadzor certificates)

         fire safety certificates

         guarantee letters

         allowing the use of Rostechnadzor

         and much more…


Presently in Russia operate 16 systems of compulsory certification and 129 systems of voluntary certification (declaration of conformity). An average number of schemes that can be used in different certification systems – 12,  an average number of documents which should be presented to obtain a certificate – 6 ….

Additionally, you might be asked to get a hygienic certificate, a permission to import, an import license  - we cannot confirm the ultimate number of all documents, however, this list is impressive…


Certification process in Russia consumes a lot of human, time and financial resources, often requires an unconventional approach to a problem solution and a good network of contacts.

Our advantages:

-          As a rule, we begin to work with our clients at the stage of export deliveries planning, which allows us to identify all exporting products in accordance with Russian customs codes, and, therefore, make recommendations on the most efficient and resource-saving customs procedures.

-         We have an ability to deal with an urgent (unplanned) deliveries situations

-         We can provide an opportunity to check drafts of certification documents before official signing; a draft will be sent to our client by electronic mail or fax.

-         When necessary, we can make an enquiry of technical documentation directly from a producer or conduct a detailed product/ produces research based on secondary information sources. Our working languages are Russian, English and German.

-         Our clients can work with us without leaving their office. Our experts are mobile and always focus on clients’ needs. We can come to your office and provide all necessary consultations.

-         We keep our promises, guarantee work to time schedule and treat information provided confidential.


Our consultants can also give you a comprehensive advice and professional support on the complete range of logistics services including transport and delivery arrangements throughout Russia and abroad, storage in accordance with international standards, custom clearance and standardization and certification packages.

Assessment of our potential abilities within the framework of your order is free of charge and, if necessary, we will be happy to discuss it on our meeting.

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Tel/fax:  +7 (495) 517 9793,


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